Develop Resilience and Establish Poise Through Yoga.

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My name is Ruth Mielek. I have been practicing yoga for around 30 years. I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga gaining a Teaching Diploma In March 2010.

The Yoga postures explored in the classes can sometimes be challenging, so there is an emphasis on the breath and body awareness throughout the lesson. In addition, some Yoga techniques are explored that can, with practice, bring the students to a point of steadiness and comfort in  postures, leading potentially to more efficiency of movement in everyday life, and in turn, increased energy levels. A variety of alternatives are offered in postures and sequences, so that most fitness levels can be catered for.

Students are taught to explore postures to their own safe maximum potential and I encourage students to learn options and modifications that cater for their own physical circumstances. Lessons end with approximately 10 minutes of relaxation and introspection [except for the shorter classes which have a much shorter period of contemplation and relaxation]. It is useful to bring a blanket, to ensure that body temperature remains comfortable during relaxation. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

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